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Our Philosophy

We at Tiny Tots® Early Learning Centre’s believe in providing children with a nurturing, safe and secure environment. We aim to provide the children, parents and caregivers a place in which they feel they belong, whilst maintaining our commitment within the community and working with them to create the best possible future for our children.

We will strive to preserve consistency between their home and our home. Our vision is for children to experience the natural world around them through many different and diverse experiences whilst embracing the essence of play, feeling secure, encouraged and educated. We aim for the children to feel a sense of Belonging within our community at Tiny Tots® and believe we can be one of the many building blocks in their life to help them grow, learn and discover what the future may hold for them, and find out what they may become!

We embrace and strongly encourage parent participation and input. We believe that working together, as a team, promotes the best possible achievable outcomes and in turn leads us to working with the wider community and coming together as one. As each child is unique with their own individual needs, abilities and backgrounds, we strive to provide an inclusive approach to support each child’s evolution of identity and inspire each child to reach their full potential in accordance with their own individual ability, and to feel a sense of belonging.

We believe children are capable and resourceful learners who actively contribute to their own learning. We aim to encourage the development of confidence and positive self-esteem through a supportive and empowering curriculum, which is based upon the child’s interests. Our focus is on building relationships based on trust, respect and collaboration with families, with a commitment to open and constructive communication and encouraging families and the community to engage in meaningful participation within the curriculum. By integrating each child’s strengths, needs and interests into a child-centred program, we aim towards a curriculum that embraces the principals, practices and learning outcomes of the Early Learning Years Framework (ELYF).

We aspire that diversity within our Centre, our families, our staff and the wider community should be celebrated and respected and find it important to play a role in fostering and developing social integrity among children. We aim to do this by introducing children to a wide range of cultural and social experiences, family styles and ways of life, while respecting each individual family’s beliefs and wishes.

Our Educators respect one another’s opinions and contributions, continuously reflecting upon their daily practices, the nature of the room and how they are as caregiver and facilitator. Staff are functioning as a team to provide a stable, fun, learning, creative and loving environment and atmosphere for each and every child, whilst respecting the influence of past and current theorists.

Children are actively involved in sustainable practices which are embedded into the daily curriculum. We advocate sun safety and water safety practices, also promoting healthy life style choices such as physical activities, nutritional meals, healthy hygiene habits and self-help skills. We believe in a well-balanced amount of tranquil time, time for exploration and imagination and time to experience the natural wonders of their world.

We are guided by The National Quality Framework, aiming to reach the Early Years Learning Outcomes and the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines. Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011, the Childhood Code of Ethics (2006), and our company Code of Conduct for all Staff, Students, Volunteers, Parents and Children to be guided and abide by.