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Our Program



We embrace a proactive approach rather than reactive, offering positive responses to validate children and their ideas and input. This method enhances children’s social and emotional development and enhances their ability to work together and engage in positive interactions with their peers, teachers and family.

The EYLF vision is ‘all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life’. Fundamental to this framework is belonging, being and becoming.
Belonging acknowledges children’s interdependence, which is central to defining their relationships with others and themselves.
Being recognises the importance of enjoying the present day, building on relationships and engaging in life’s joyful experiences.
Becoming acknowledges the change children go through as they learn and grow and expand their knowledge, identities and skills.

The framework forms the foundation for ensuring that the children in all early childhood education and care settings experience quality teaching and learning. It has specific emphasis on play based learning and recognises the importance of communication and language (including early literacy and numeracy) and social and emotional development. The framework has been designed for use by early childhood educators working in partnership with families, children’s first and most influential educators.